Hadoop Beginner's Guide

by Garry Turkington

Those who want very practical advice on getting started with Hadoop will find this book helpful. [Full review]

ActiveMQ in Action

by Bruce Snyder, Dejan Bosanac, Rob Davies

This is a book for those who work or will start working with ActiveMQ, both with development and configuration. [Full review]

Better Builds with Maven: How-to Guide for Maven 2.0

by Vincent Massol, Jason van Zyl

People new to Maven. Architects who want to familiarize themselves with Maven's principles, technical project managers who want smoother builds, and most of all developers, who will work with this thing. Chapter 6 may provide... [Full review]


  • 2015-09-29

    It's been almost one and a half year since I reviwed a book! I've been too absorbed by Writing my own. Anyway, I'm back with Jeff Patton's relatively...
  • 2014-01-04

    New category! Performance! Reviewed The Every Computer Performance Book. Check it out!
  • 2013-09-10

    Reviewed a book that' slightly less technical, but much more fun to read. It's I.T. Confidential.
  • 2013-08-13

    Reviewed yet another book on Visual Studio 2012 and TFS. I also created a "Microsoft" category and moved the other TFS book there from the "Tools"...
  • 2013-08-05

    Updated the FAQ. Included information about getting a book reviewed.