ActiveMQ in Action

Bruce Snyder, Dejan Bosanac, Rob Davies (2011)
Review date: July, 2011

The book comes in four parts: introduction, configuration, usage, and advanced features. In the first part we learn what ActiveMQ is, what messaging is, and we see examples of use of ActiveMQ. Three chapters in all.

Connectivity, message storage, and security are described in chapters 4-6. Using ActiveMQ, in yet another three chapters, is mostly about various ways to deploying and calling ActiveMQ from different environments, application servers, and languages.

Finally, advanced features includes large scale and HA deployments, additional tweaking of destinations, performance tuning, and administration.


I bought this book when I was seriously stuck with ActiveMQ configuration and finally decided to "learn it the right way". From that point of view, the book really delivers.

As far I know there's no aspect of ActiveMQ that isn't covered. The book starts with messaging in general, makes a transition into ActiveMQ configuration and integration, and ends with some features I would consider peripheral.

Actually, it's the dive into the peripheral functionality that makes the book stand out. The authors could have made it easy on themselves by sticking to showing how to use ActiveMQ with Spring, Apache, Jetty, and JBoss (which they do, and more). However, they've set a broader scope and also show how to consume messages using Perl, C#, C, and Ruby. They didn't dodge the advanced details either, and when they talk about message groups, and retroactive consumers, they're way beyond what many people would want to achieve in the average project.

The examples are good, and many, and the only downside I can think of is that some of them remind of examples from the official wiki.

Said again, this is a book about a product, and there's a limit to how exciting and spiritually uplifting such book can get. However, this is a good and comprehensive product book. If you're going to work with ActiveMQ for a while, I'd say that buying this book is worth its dime and will save you some time.

Who should read this book

This is a book for those who work or will start working with ActiveMQ, both with development and configuration.


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