It's been almost one and a half year since I reviwed a book! I've been too absorbed by Writing my own. Anyway, I'm back with Jeff Patton's relatively new book on story mapping.


New category! Performance! Reviewed The Every Computer Performance Book. Check it out!


Reviewed a book that' slightly less technical, but much more fun to read. It's I.T. Confidential.


Reviewed yet another book on Visual Studio 2012 and TFS. I also created a "Microsoft" category and moved the other TFS book there from the "Tools" category.


Updated the FAQ. Included information about getting a book reviewed.


I've reviewed the least technical book on this site yet. It was an anthology = hard to review. See the new section "About technology".


Put up a Review of User Stories Applied after a lazy summer. Currently I've got four read, but not reviewed books...


Reviewed Hadoop Beginner's Guide and placed it in the slightly misleadingly named "Tools" section :)


Restructured some of the site's code. A visible effect is the rearrangement of the categories panel. Also, the title is more specific (bookmark-friendly) in some cases.


The site finally has permalinks! After what? Five years? Well... The entire CMS backing this site is a PHP hobby project. Everything is built from scratch.


Reviewed the second of the two books on continuous delivery: Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide.


Reviewed Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: Adopting Agile Software Practices. It ended up in the "Tools" section.


Reviewed Impact Mapping. Put it in the old-fashioned "requirements" section.


Added a new category! .NET! It's about time. I have read .NET books in the past, but haven't reviewed any of them. Well, now I have reviewed one.


Review spree continues! Reviewed something I read a while ago. This time Bridging the Communication Gap is up for review.


Reviewed 60 books!!! Celebrated this milestone with a true classic - The Psychology of Computer Programming. Enjoy!


Reviewed Code Simplicity. It's a cool short book with a sligthly different style.


Reviewed The Art of Readable Code. For now, it's my best recommendation when it comes to books about writing code.


Wrote a short review of Test driven .NET development with FitNesse. A short review, but it was authored using a new tool written in JavaFX :)


Added a review of a not very technical book: No Yelling. Such books will start appearing on this site, as I'm more into mangement of software projects right now. A new category has been added for such books.

I also notices a CSS bug affecting all lists. An incorrect list style compresses them too much. I'll get around to fixing that...


Finally reviewed a book! After months of doing other stuff I managed to squeeze in a thin one.


Added a short review of a good Seam book. Again, I haven't been active on the site, but have been reading. At this point I'd need to write revies of two of Gojko's books and a "clean code" book.


Reviewed Lessons Learned in software Testing. Changed the format of the review slightly. The summmary block contains some opinions and the review is quite detailed.


Reviewed Continuous Delivery. I've been trying to write this review for two months now. Finally it's done! Good book with too much content :)


The book on Crystal Clear is number 51. This was a very difficult review to write. I'm not too proud of this one, but either write an essay on this book, or write three sentences. I got stuck in the middle.


Site update! Added the number of books in each category in the menu. Not sure if I like it, but it's new :)


Reviewed the 50:th book!!! It's called Agile IT Security Implementation Methodology and can be found in the security section. Didn't have time to celebrate and make the site fancier unfortunately.


I went through the mailbox associated with the site and realized that a misconfiguration of forwarding and a ton of spam made me miss some email. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I find some time.


Added the 49:th book after months of nothing. I've promised myself to put some effort into this site again!


New category! Ruby! Starts out with a sympathetic book from the "Pragmatic Programmers".


Reviewed one of the better books on TDD out there right now, Growing Object-oriented Software, Guided By Tests", which reminds me that I should sort the books in every category differently. Now the most recent are on the bottom.


I've been gone from revieweing for a while. Mostly because I've been busy learning Ruby and doing outdoor activities for a while. However, I have been reading on, so I've got at least two more unpublished reviews that I hope I can publish really soon. The topic of today is Active MQ in Action.


Added another text book from my winter course in computer security. Well... It is a technical book.


Another book on unit testing up for review! The "TDD and testing" category seems to be a favorite. Adjusted some headings while at it. I realised the "Who should not read" is kind of irrelevant, and that the "Summary" section is very mechanical and resembles a table of contents. It's been made optional from now on. Guess if I'm ever going to use it...


Reread and reviewed an old goodie: J2EE Design Patterns. It's so outdated, but takes a novel approach to describing patterns, so the book deserves some respect :)


Another book in the cloud category. The somewhat dry book on security got a short review. It didn't provoke :)


I wrote the first part of the SCEA exam yesterday, so it's only natural to review the SCEA study guide today. More books on the topic should follow.


Added a new book in the "Cloud" category and fixed an irritating graphics bug that made the page bounce back and forth while loading. Now there are officially 40 book reviews.


Night before Christmas Eve! The site gets a complete makeover! I was planning on releasing the new look and feel at the same time as the 40:th review, but timig ins difficult :) As said, the site has a new and simplified layout where the reading boxes have been removed in favor of a bookshelf section, the menu has grown, and theme mismatches have hopefully been adressed (no round and sharp corners next to each other anymore). A screenshot of the old content can be found here. There are some quirks and oddities left to address, but I've followed the philosophy of release before perfection.


Reviewed my first text book. It'a a book on cryptology. It's been put in the misc section, since the site will get a remake when it reaches 40 books.


No activity for four months! I've been busy doing a course on software architecture. This means that there are plenty of books coming up for review, and the site will be refreshed too!


Good mojo! Another book up for review. Continuous Integration has been placed in the testing section.


Finally a review after months of idleness. Well... I have been somewhat busy. Now the next goal is 40 books and a makeover of the site. I've been told that I'm not a web guy, and I agree, but I will use the pointers I was given to make this site look more year 2000+.


Back to reviewing! Started out with UML Distilled. Maybe this simple review doesn't do this book justice.


Site update! It's been a while. The CMS has been extended to support links (whoooa!). Now I can say that Lasse Koskela's book is a good book, while this book on ITIL is the worst thing I've ever read.


Reviewed the worst book ever after a period of inactivity. I'm reading some rather heavy books now, so velocity will drop. On the other hand, there are some upcoming changes in this site's functionality. Soon...


"Balancing Agility with Discipline" disturbed my predefined reading order. That's good, since it was a good book to read and review. Enjoy.


Back in business! A new book category has been added for databases. First one out is "Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices".


Have I been struggling with this book and review? Finally "Implementing lean software development" is up! It took a while because of other engagements.


No activity on the site for a long time! Improvement promised! Everybody needs a vacation and some time away from books. Anyway, the changes for now are pure those in the graphic profile. My friend James has supplied a professional logotype for the site. Many thanks! Very, very soon, a review of a lean classic is coming up...


30 books reviewed! That's a milestone I wanted to reach for quite some time. Unfortunately I don't want to celebrate, since the review of "Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development" was very painful to write. Well... At least it provided some contrast. I started to worry that I praise too many books too much. Not anymore.


Applied some speed-reading to "Head First Design Patterns". It's summer and the sun seems more interesting than books...


I finally managed to post a review of Lasse Koskela's "Test Driven", one of the best books ever written about TDD and Java. Now the site feels complete and I've made an easy pick for my next review :)


Finally another review! I've been delayed by a certification process and some domestic stuff. Anyway, now we can enjoy a review of the excellent book "J2EE AntiPatterns".


Ported the majority of the site's implementation to PHP 5. At this point the code is far from optimal, but maintaining the site has become much easier. Added some small features here and there while at it.


Finally reviewed "The Art of Agile Development". It's the best book I've read so far. However, it did take some time to read. Progress on the site will be slower from now on. I'm occupied with a certification, and will only reread Koskela's Test Driven to get a refresher before reviewing it.


I was able to borrow "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know". It took two evenings to read, and did not even make it to the "Reading now" box.


Added a review of another study guide for the SCWCD exam. It's a short one.


1½ month of inactivity! I have to catch up. I've been preparing for an SCWCD, and have put all my efforts into studying. The only two books I had time to read were related to servlets and JSP. Now I have two books to write about, and the first review is already finished in fact. Check out "Head First: Servlets and JSP in the "Exam preparation" section.


Read "Pragmatic Programmer" again, after ten years and wrote the review. It's still a good book, and a classic that has to be on this site.


Removed the worst typos and other language issues in all texts. The reviews still contain sections that I don't like, but a text never gets finished. Started to play behind the scenes to enable cross-referencing in the reviews. All-in-all, the site has reached version 1.0!


More bells and whistles. Worked on the images and static content. I also decided to make the site IE6-incompatible. A good web designer would be able to make the site work, but I'm not one.


Spent some time cleaning up various CSS-related errors. Managed to fix both Firefox and IE issues, but the site still displays crappy in IE 6. I really don't envy web developers. While at it, I wrote a review of Kent Beck's "Extreme Programming Explained", which I read mostly to find the root texts on TDD.


20 books reviewed! The classic, "The Mythical Man-month", got the honarary number. Started to implement functionality from version 1.1, even though the site is in a pre-release version. Added two more categories in the menu, and made the search engine index the authors.


Found the time to improve the visual appearance of the news bar and news page. Their ugliness has been an everlasting nuisance.


Only one book left before rounding up for version 1.0 of this site! Reread and posted a review of "Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering" - a book that once made a great impression on me.


Extended the search engine to handle more than one term. At this point it uses an OR operation between the terms. This was the naive implementation. Also, I've finally got my hands on the Classic of all Classics, "The Mythical Man-month". It has to wait though, as I'm reading three books at the same time now.


Finally! I've beaten "JUnit Recipes". That was a monster! To celebrate, I've started rereading my favorite book on software development: "Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering". In general, I haven't had much time to spend on this site, but I hope t


In one of my longer reviews written so far, I take a look at "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin. This is a very new book with lots of material to discuss.


Done reading "Effective Java"!


Added two new book topic categories and moved some books from the unsorted section there. While at it, I also spent some time reworking the site internals. This could have a positive effect on performance, but the cleanup was mostly aimed at improving the


I reread The classic on TDD this weekend, and put up a review of it written at record speed.


Domain-driven Design is reviewed! A weight has been lifted of my chest. This is my longest review ever, despite of my ambition to keep things short.


Finally finished reading Domain-driven Design! That was a tough one. Let's see when the review gets finished.


The first news item is... There is room for news items. Revolutionary. Apart from that, progress is slow on the site right now. Lots of other things going on . Anyway, I've received a fresh copy of "Clean Code" and started browsing it. It seems promising!



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    It's been almost one and a half year since I reviwed a book! I've been too absorbed by Writing my own. Anyway, I'm back with Jeff Patton's relatively...
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    New category! Performance! Reviewed The Every Computer Performance Book. Check it out!
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    Reviewed a book that' slightly less technical, but much more fun to read. It's I.T. Confidential.
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    Reviewed yet another book on Visual Studio 2012 and TFS. I also created a "Microsoft" category and moved the other TFS book there from the "Tools"...
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    Updated the FAQ. Included information about getting a book reviewed.